Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saturday in Prague

Sunday in Prague

It was a gloomy and rainy day out, but moods were at an all time high as we were able to sleep in again today and we knew that the Prague Castle was gonna be a wonderful site to see. I slept in until about 12 and then decided to go to KFC with Jared and Brandon. We saw Grant and Hailey there so we all ate together. We then headed back to the hotel cause we were to leave for the castle at 1:15.
        We then departed for castle and after taking the subway and waiting for the tram for 20 minutes, we arrived at around 2. Petr, our tour guide, was supposed to meet us out front of the castle, but we could not find him and took advantage of that by taking a whole bunch of pictures. We eventuall saw him and made our way inside the castle. First, we went inside the Church of the Virgin Mary which was first built in the year 870 making it the oldest church in Prague. We saw wonderful apses, naves, and stained glass paintings of the virgin mary and the nativity scene. There were also tombs for the members of the Premyslid Dynasty. People used to believe that stepping over the graves of one of these people would cure a toothache. Grant joked saying that these people must be the original tooth fairies.

        The church of St. George was next and it was nothing near magnificent as the Church of the Virgin Mary. It was almost empty of everything so we did not stay very long. The torture chambers were next and they were very interesting. We tried to guess what they did with certain contraptions, but I don't think we ever figured them out. We saw cages, chains with spikes, hand chains over a fire and a long spinning board. None of which sound very pleasant had you been tortured on them.

       That was as far as we got in terms of viewing the castle so we walked back to the subway. Once back to the hotel I watched soccer and took a nap waiting for us to depart for our free dinner. Dinner was very bittersweet because we knew that it was our last dinner and that we were going home soon. We took another group photo after dinner as if we already didnt have enough and then we were on our way. Once back at the hotel that night, I packed and watched some more soccer. We decided to pull an all nighter so that we could sleep better on the plane. (This strategy didn't work out too well). So we went and got food at around midnight. I got a very spicy Doner Kabab which was excellent. Then we waited in our rooms until our dreadful 2:30 departure time to the airport.

Conner Dodge

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